This sets out the arrangements for school exclusions and should be read in conjunction with our Behaviour Policy and our Exclusion Policy

Grounds for Exclusion

The decision to exclude a pupil must be lawful, reasonable and fair. Schools have a statutory duty not to discriminate against pupils on the basis of protected characteristics, such as disability or race. School will give particular consideration to the fair treatment of pupils from groups who are vulnerable to exclusion.Disruptive behaviour can be an indication of unmet needs.

Whilst a single, major incident may justify exclusion, continued failure to respond to other sanctions may also arise. In such cases incidents causing concern and actions taken must be fully and accurately recorded by the Headteacher and staff concerned. If school has a concern about pupil behaviour, we will try and identify if there are any casual factors and intervene early in order to reduce the need for a subsequent exclusion. This may lead to a multi-agency assessment that goes beyond pupil’s educational need.

Every effort will be made to discuss behaviour problems with parents and to seek co-operation in resolving problems before exclusion is considered for any child.

The Role of Governors

  • The governing body has the responsibility of setting down these general guidelines on standards of discipline and behaviour which reflect the school’s ethos of positive behaviour and of reviewing their effectiveness.
  • The governing body will follow the DfE’s guidelines on exclusion.
  • The governors support the Headteacher in carrying out these guidelines.
  • The Headteacher has the day-to-day authority to implement the school behaviour and discipline policies but governors may give advice.

The Role of Parents

We hope to encourage parents to play a positive part in the resolution of any learning and behaviour difficulties. Every effort will be made to enable discussion to take place with the parent especially when exclusion is being contemplated.

Where, despite approaches and the involvement of outside agencies, the school is unable to persuade a parent to visit and discuss problems; the matter will be passed to the governing body.

Fixed-term and permanent exclusions

  • Only the headteacher (or the acting Headteacher) has the power to exclude a pupil from school. The Headteacher may exclude a pupil for one or more fixed periods for up to 45 days in any one school year. The Headteacher may also exclude a pupil permanently. It is possible for the Headteacher to convert fixed term exclusion into a permanent exclusion, if the circumstances warrant this.
  • If the Headteacher excludes a pupil she must inform the parents immediately, giving reasons for the exclusion. At the same time the Headteacher makes it clear to the parents that they can, if they wish, appeal against the decision to the governing body. The school must inform the parents how to make an appeal.
  • The Headteacher must inform the governing body of any permanent exclusions and about any fixed term exclusions beyond five days in any one term.
  • The governing body itself cannot either exclude a pupil or extend the exclusion period made by the Headteacher.
  • The governing body has a discipline committee which is made up of between three and five members. This committee considers any exclusion appeals on behalf of the governors.
  • When an appeals panel meets to consider an exclusion, they consider the circumstances in which the pupil was excluded, consider any representation by parents and consider whether the pupil should be reinstated.
  • If a governors appeal panel decides that a pupil should be reinstated the Headteacher must comply with this ruling.
  • On reintegrating pupils back into school, they will meet with the Head / Deputy at 8.45 am on the first day back at school, with parents/carers, where discussions will take place for management of future behaviour.
  • School should set and mark work for pupils during days 1 – 5 of exclusion and alternative provision must be arranged from the 6th day.


Our Exclusion Guidance can be downloaded below.

BEP Exclusions Policy 2022