Parent Fundraising Group

Parents & Staff Association

Who are we?

A group of mums, dads, carers, friends from the community and staff volunteers who raise money which goes towards enriching the children’s school experience. The Parents Staff Association (PSA) is a separate body from the school and a registered Charity. All parents/carers of children at the school are automatically part of the PSA; but joining the PSA Committee or volunteering to help support events is an additional level of support. The Committee have a nominated Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, plus committee members. The Committee work closely with the school.

What does the money go towards?

Many things which enhance the education of our children; past projects have included the audio & visual system in the hall, ICT equipment, outdoor play provision, funding WOW days for our Creative Curriculum and part funding of Educational Visits.

How much time do you have to give?

As much or as little as you can! We have one meeting per half term followed by a social get together in the pub for those who fancy it; a great chance to get out and meet new people! In addition, some members join our sub-committees to help organise specific events. There is no pressure to give more time than you feel able to offer.

It is always appreciated when volunteers offer help at events such as running the BBQ, serving drinks, designing publicity, selling raffle tickets, or donating raffle prizes or sponsorship. We also look for Match Funding from companies.

What kind of events do we organise?

Lots! Our main events each year include the Summer Fayre, School Discos, Father’s Day Sale, Mother’s Day Sale and our Christmas Craft Fayre. Most are for families to enjoy together, others are for the children to have fun with friends, and occasionally the adults even get a night out. We are always looking for new ideas!

Children and staff have been invited by the PSA in recent years to create Summer Bunting, Christmas Stockings, Christmas Decorations as part of our larger events, and these have proven to be hugely popular.


I am a midwife, mum of two and Chair of the PSA.  I joined the PSA to help plan and support fundraising events.  I wanted to help raise money to put into the school to enhance the children’s learning environment.  I also rather like the meetings in the pub, with a glass of Prosecco of course


I am the Treasurer for the PSA keeping detailed records of monies raised at all events and counting the monies raised (remember the Smartie drive? I counted all of those coins!).  I love working on the PSA and attending meetings to keep new ideas alive and active.

I attended Ratby Primary School as a child and the school is dear to me. I have 3 children the eldest of which is in Year 4…the other two will follow.  I work for the NHS.


I have two children at Ratby Primary School and joined the PSA, like the rest of the team, to help raise money for the School and the Children of the School.

I am the Secretary for the PSA meaning I produce all the letters and posters you receive.  I also write to companies asking for donations for our raffles, events, and minutes from our meetings or anything else we have going on!  It is a busy job at times but I enjoy it.  I am self-employed and work from home.




I have a child in year 4 who loves going to school (hooray!).  I joined the PSA officially in September 2017 to help out at events and help organise.  I felt I didn’t want an official role but landed the role of ‘assistant’ secretary so I help Rosie with posters, tickets and donation requests.

Our meetings are fun and motivational and help keep the momentum of fund raising alive which is so important to the school.


I have two children at the school, Joshua in Year 5 and Rebecca in Year 2.  My husband is the Vicar of Ratby and Groby Churches and I work for the Diocese of Leicester in the Generous Giving Team (which means helping churches think about how their Christian faith informs their approach to money and giving). I spend a lot of time encouraging the kids in their various interests (swimming, gymnastics, dancing, Rainbows, Cubs and the Ratby Band) and any spare time is spent enjoying good food, fun with friends and family and a large glass of wine!


I am a stay at home Mum of one and run a small craft business. I joined the PSA to help raise money for enriching the children’s education and really enjoy helping out at school too.

Being a member of the PSA has also given me a group of great friends, who make the meetings and the events we run lots of fun to do.


I’ve got one son who will shortly be entering year one and work part time as an Insurance Broker. I joined the PSA last year as I felt strongly that I wanted to be involved and help raise funds for the school. I enjoy helping out at the events, our meetings (in the pub!) and look forward to being more involved in the years to come.

The PSA hold numerous events throughout the year raising money for the children in the school. You can support these events by offering to help with the preparation, helping on the day or attending events. You can volunteer to support just one event or several depending on your commitments. Our fund raising events include a Christmas and Summer Fayre, Discos as well as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Sales.

Please check back here regularly to find out about upcoming events.

The PSA have the following events planned for this academic year.  Further information will be sent home in book bags nearer the time of the event.

All events are subject to change


The next PSA meeting is scheduled for:

Wednesday 10th November 2021 at 7:30pm at The Bulls Head in Ratby

Parents & Staff Association (PSA) Agendas & Minutes

Copies of agendas and minutes of each meeting will be added.