School Hours

We appreciate that at times this security may seem unnecessary in such a lovely community as Ratby. However, we take the security of our children and staff extremely seriously and can never be complacent. We have always and will continue to welcome parents and carers into our school, but we must have control of when this is and who is on site so that we can ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone. If you ever have any suggestions as to how we might improve this, you are more than welcome to share them with me.

To support this, we do ask parents to vacate the site in the morning once they have handed children over to the teachers so that we can secure the site as quickly as possible. In this, I thank you for your support.

Below is an outline of the school day. Our school day ensures that we meet the minimum DfE requirement of at least 32.5 hours per week.

08:30Gates open to parents and Children
08:40Member of staff on duty in main playground
08:50Children arriving after this time will be marked as ‘late’.
09:00Lessons time
10:50Lesson time
11:50EYFS Lunchtime
12:00KS1 & KS2 Lunchtime
13:05End of Lunchtime
13:15Lesson time
15:15End of School