Pupil Premium

Please find below our Pupil Premium Strategy Report 2020. This includes a review of 2019-2020 expenditure and impact as well as our planned expenditure and intended impact for 2020-2021. There is also a short overview of expenditure.

PP Stategy Report 2020

Ratby Pupil-Premium-Planned-Expenditure-for-20-21

Pupil Premium Planned Expenditure For 19 20

Pupil Premium Strategy Impact Report 18 19 And Planned Expenditure 19 20

Pupil Premium Strategy Impact Report 1718 And Planned Expenditure 1819

Ratby Strategy Report 2017

2016 – 2017

Please find below our planned expenditure for this year.

Pupil Premium Plans For 1617


Please find below details regarding our expenditure and its impact in 2015-2016.

Pupil Premium Report For 1516 For Parents